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Tips For Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

A family gathered around a Thanksgiving dinner table

Hosting a Thanksgiving meal can feel difficult and stressful. It’s easy to put all of the pressure on yourself to pull of the perfect party so everyone can enjoy the big holiday feast. Today, Edlandria Blog is here to offer a few tips for hosting Thanksgiving dinner in your Alexandria, VA apartment. Whether this is your first time or whether you host every year, we hope this post helps you prepare for your holiday dinner.


Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner starts with planning one and letting your guests know it’s happening! Spend some time personally inviting everyone you want to be there so they know they are welcome to come. Try creating a message, either by text, email, or Facebook, so that everyone is on the same page and so no one gets left behind.Details like time and place may seem so simple, but communicating them clearly helps the event go smoother.

Clean Your Apartment

It is much more enjoyable to host guests when the space you are welcoming them into is neat and tidy. When you host guests in a dirty apartment, is distracts from the atmosphere of enjoyment and relaxation that you are trying to create, and it makes you feel less confident and more stressed. If you focus now on the deep cleaning, it will be much easier to upkeep by simply having to wipe the counters and tables when the big day comes.

Serve a Well-rounded Meal

While it almost feels like the Thanksgiving meal is only about the turkey, the stuffing, and the pumpkin pie, you will want to spend enough time planning out each dish so that you have a well-rounded meal. Some of your guests may have dietary restrictions, so you will want to provide plenty of variety in your dishes. It’s always tempting to make vegetable dishes tastier by adding bacon bits or animal products to them, but consider having a few meat-free dishes or options for those who may be vegetarian. Even those without restrictions will appreciate some healthy sides for their turkey!

Ask For Help

Hosting isn’t about doing everything by yourself. It’s perfectly acceptable to delegate certain assignments to other people, like asking some of your guests to bring specific side dishes or desserts. On top of that, it will save oven, refrigerator, and countertop space for you as you prepare the main dishes. You might ask certain family members or guests to be there early to help you tackle some of the food preparation so that your meal can start on time. If you ask politely, your guests will be glad to help.


When the time comes for the meal to start, make sure and relax. You can be proud of the hard work you put in to making Thanksgiving happen, and once the moment arrives, you can reap the same rewards your guests are! You might think of a few simple conversation topics to speak about at dinner, like things people are thankful for, but don’t feel any pressure to keep the talking up throughout the meal. Sit back, enjoy your food, and the company of those you love.

Do you have any tips that might help others in our apartment community host the perfect Thanksgiving dinner? Share by leaving a comment below!