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Organization 101 for Your Kitchen

woman wearing an apron looking at an open cupboard with glasses and baskets on it

Moving into your apartment at Edlandria is just the beginning. The big question is where do you put everything? There is plenty of storage, but how do you decide where things should go? Organizing your apartment is the focus of this week’s blog post, and we’ve got great ideas. This time, we will focus on kitchen organization and next time on the rest of your apartment.

Create Zones

The kitchen, often described as the “heart” of the home, is where we spend time preparing meals, eating them, and then cleaning up afterward, so it only makes sense we want to make our kitchen work for us. That’s where the concept of zones comes in. What is a zone? It is storing all the items you use together in the same area. For instance, a breakfast zone could include instant oatmeal, cold cereal, pancake mix, and syrup — the common thread being each item is related to breakfast.  Other zones could include a baking zone, a snack zone, and a drink zone.

Store on the Outskirts

Don’t let those shelves and tops of cupboards go unused! Put heavier items on bottom shelves and less often used items on top. Keep a step stool handy so it’s easy to get to the items shelf. Keep the things you use frequently at eye level. Label containers so you know at a glance what is in them, and use modular containers that can be stacked to conserve space.

Organize Your Pantry

Part of kitchen organization is putting together a well-stocked pantry. Just what goes into a pantry? That’s a bit of a trick question because it will vary depending on individual taste, budget, and tradition. However, The Food Network has a great Pantry Essentials Checklist that is a good place to start. Having a well-stocked pantry saves time and money and helps you pull a meal together without having to run to the store.

What tips do you have for organizing your kitchen? We’d love to hear about them. Share in the comments.