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How to Play the Flour Game

Flour spread across a black background, a rolling pin, and the text GAME NIGHT, IN THE KITCHEN, WITH FLOUR

Welcome back to our blog! Last month, we shared four board games that we absolutely love. This month, we want to kick things off by inviting you into the kitchen for game night. The most important thing you need for this night of fun? Flour.

Flour is soft, white, messy, easy to spread, and can be packed tight. It’s also the perfect ingredient for a night of fun. This month, the Edlandria Blog invites you to spend more time in your kitchen in Alexandria, VA for a night of fun.

The Flour Game

You need flour, a dinner plate, a bowl or cup, butter knives, and small pieces of candy — lifesavers will do.

The Directions:

1. Fill the bowl with flour, packing it in so that it fits it perfectly.

2. Place the plate on top.

3. With the plate against the bowl, flip everything over so that the bowl is facedown on top of the plate.

4. Carefully remove the bowl or cup, keeping the flour in the shape of the bowl on the plate.

5. After this, place one piece of candy on the top of the flour in the center.

6. Players take turns slicing off sections of the pile of flour, careful not to get too close to the candy. They must slice from top to bottom; once the knife touches the plate, the player then slides the removed segment off to the side.

7. Much like in the game Jenga where players must be careful not to knock over the pile, players in this game must not make the piece of candy fall. Whoever knocks the candy off of its spot (by touching it with the knife or by their slice of the flour) must remove the candy using their mouth.

While there is no real point system for this game, it’s simple and fun for everyone. You might get flour on your face, and there will be a little clean-up required, but the fun is definitely worth it.

For images, see the full instructions.