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Black Friday Shopping the Right Way

two people sitting on a bench surrounded by colorful shopping bags

Since many of you are probably planning to brave the Black Friday shopping crowds this year, we here at Edlandria Blog want to make sure you’re doing it the right way! This week, we are bringing you a few simple tips that will help make this Black Friday a success for any shopping ventures you might have near your Alexandria, VA apartment. Consider a few of these suggestions:

Make a Plan

Before you hit the stores, make sure you know where you’re going and what you want. Plan out your top three stops this Black Friday, and rank them in order of importance. Think of key purchases you plan to make at each store and know beforehand which departments they are in so you don’t waste any time the day of. These might seem like silly things to plan out, but when you’re amidst the holiday shopping crowds, you won’t regret having done it.

Shop With Someone

When you bring a friend or a family member along, you can accomplish twice as much as you could by yourself. Once you get to a specific store, you can cut your time there in half if you divide and conquer. Go to the electronics department with your friend’s top purchases in mind while you send them to the toy aisle with a list of your most important items. Helping each other out just might help you buy more things off your wish list before other shoppers get to them!

Leave the Cart Behind

Unless you’re planning to buy large or heavy items, leave the shopping carts at the door. Instead, use reusable grocery bags! It will save you time, and it will help you navigate the store so much easier than you could if you were trying to weave in and out of the aisles with a huge cart.

Stick to Your Budget

One of the most important ways to keep from overspending this Black Friday is to create a budget and stick to it. You might be tempted by doorbusters or sales you didn’t see beforehand in the ads, but if you fall for those, you’re more likely to spend too much and regret it afterward. Hold yourself to only buying what you came for. It might help to fix your budget, bring that amount in cash, and then leave the credit cards at home. That way, you’ll think twice before you decide on an unplanned purchase!

Prepare for Surprises

One of the most important tips for Black Friday shopping is to plan to be surprised. There might be an unexpected road closure on your way downtown. You might spend longer at one store than you had hoped. Some of the top items on your list are likely to be sold out before you get to them. Don’t let these things get you down. Instead, roll with the unexpected and embrace the surprises that come your way! Having fun is more important than getting everything you wanted.

Thanks for reading our blog today! We hope your Thanksgiving and your Black Friday are filled with happy moments this year.